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4D Guide: Malaysia 4D Lottery Betting Online Introduction

Malaysia 4D Lottery Betting Online Introduction

4-Digits which is commonly known as 4D. It is a lottery system that is found in Germany, Singapore and Malaysia in which the audience that wishes to play by choosing a specific number between 0000 till 9999. In a total of twenty-three numbers will be drawn and if the respective numbers are the same as per the audience, a prize is won. A draw session will be conducted regularly to select the winning numbers.Online 4D betting is direct betting on the Internet.


First 4D Operator in Malaysia: Magnum 4D

Given the fact that Malaysia is a country that has limitations towards activity such as gambling, Magnum 4D is the first 4D Operator that is legalized and officially licensed by the Malaysian Government. As this soon became a popular game within the community, more lottery operators soon follow by opening their outlet within the country. In regards to 4D, the newly launched Daily Derby 4D Blue and Green, accompanied by 5D jackpots of WTL-M is also growing within the community right now


Rapid Development of “Sports Toto”

It is undeniable that Sports Toto is currently the largest number forecast operator in the country which is providing the vast number of outlets (680 sales outlet) and products offering such as Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Toto 5D, Toto 6D, Star Toto 6/50, Power Toto 6/55 and Supreme Toto 6/58 for the public to access as it is currently the only sole licensed national lotto operator as time being. Given the nature of its activity, Sports Toto has taken the initiative to have a commitment towards the society in terms of contribution in various CSR projects such as charity, education, community sports program, cultural promotions and more. Sports Toto’s philosophy in promoting a caring society, and by that they are constantly lending a helping hand towards the society, especially towards the underprivileged such as contributing a huge amount towards the National Sports Council as well as participation in terms of sponsorships in many community sports engagements.


When and Where the 4D Draw Held?

The draw of the 4-D is conducted three times a week and the days remain the same that is every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The draws are usually held at the company’s office that is based in Berjaya Times Square. As for the timing of the drawn, 7 pm is the preferred time for the draw to take place and it is conducted in full view for the public’s viewing, for transparency purposes. The public will have to take note as well that due to certain regulations, admissions for the activity is only given to audiences who are non-Muslims and above the age of 21.


The Conditions of 4D Draw’s Judges

As per the audiences that are eligible to join, members of the public who are non Muslims, above the age of 21 and do possess a good record are invited to be part of the Panel of Judges. The panel of judges consists of three individuals in which one will be the chairman that oversees the number drawing. The three individuals are the responsibility in witnessing the winning numbers for each respective session/game and ensuring that the draw is conducted in a transparent way.

The public is welcomed to take part as drawees in the draw. Likewise, they should be over 21 years old, non-Muslim and of good character. Five (5) people will be chosen. They will choose the marble sacks that will be utilized for the draw. These marbles will then be into the drawing machines by an autonomous eyewitness seen by the Chairman of the Panel of Judges. These drawees will likewise be called upon to draw the triumphant numbers for the separate digit and lotto amusements.


Important Points on How to Accept 4D Awards

Congratulations, you have just won your first draw but you are puzzled on how and where to guarantee your prize-winning. Not to worry, all prizes winning for Magnum and Sports TOTO can be guaranteed in half-year (180 days) from the triumphant date; while winning for Da Ma Cai must be asserted inside 90 days. Contingent upon the measure of your triumphant, you can either guarantee your triumphant from the outlet you put down your wager (actually, it isn’t vital, you can guarantee your triumphant from any wagering outlets) or visit the individual state/territorial office if your prize-winning is surpassing RM60,000.00. Do make sure to exhibit your triumphant ticket(s) together with your distinguishing proof card. Guarantee that your triumphant ticket is in great condition to pass the approval procedure. Winning under RM2,000 is typically paid in real money while sum more than RM2,000 could be made within proper limits.

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