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Sic Bo is no stranger to the lineup of Asian casino games that are available on lots of online casino site. The game is purely based on chance, whereby the player can choose any of the 13 betting options that the game has, some with a bigger house edge than the others. Once the players place all their bets, the dealer rolls the dice to see which of the combinations are hit. The players will then be awarded their winnings accordingly.



Online baccarat works the same way as baccarat is. Baccarat is played by betting on a choice of two hands, either Player or Banker. Players can also bet that it would end in a tie, also known as Tie bet. All players must place their bets before they proceed with dealing the cards.

Once the players have placed their respective bets, the dealer deals a total of four cards : two for the Player bet and two for the Banker bet. The shoe is passed to the bettor with the largest Player bet. After that, the same will be repeated for the Banker bet. Two other cards will also be picked out, one each for the Player and Banker bets.



European Roulette: This Roulette game is the most similar to the traditional game found in casinos around the world. It’s a simpler version that offers only one zero (0) slot on the wheel, but still provides players a high octane experience and multiple ways of winning with increasingly generous odds.
French Roulette: This version of the classic wheel based game provides players with one of the most thrilling online Roulette experiences. With a variety of different bets and payout rules, this game has also proven to be one of the most generous online casino games ever.



Blackjack Switch: This version of the traditional Blackjack game gives you the option of switching out your hold cards when the game starts. Best of all, this feature is included in the cost of your original stake, so you can increase your chances of winning without risking any more of your money.
Live Blackjack: This game gives you the most realistic live Blackjack experience as you get to interact with a real professional dealer as the action is streamed straight to your computer in real time. Make wagers using the usual casino software and enjoy even more in-game information as well as a constantly updating leaderboard.



Dragon Tiger is about as simple as gambling gets. It is basically a two-card version of baccarat. To be more specific, two cards are drawn, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The player bets on which one will be higher. There are also some proposition bets on the individual cards. I have never seen the game, even in Macau, but the game is rumored to be found in Cambodia.



Online Video Poker is simple, easy, and fun to play. With a variety of beneficial gameplay features and numerous winning hand options, your chances of winning prizes are higher than ever. Prizes are determined by your final hand, according to the traditional Hold ’em hierarchy of hands, and prize payouts are automatically credited to your account. In Video Poker, you are pinned against the dealer, rather than other players as in traditional poker games. At the beginning of the round, you are dealt 5 cards. At this point you can choose to switch out some of your cards or keep them as is. The goal is to form the best 5 card poker hand that you can. The better the hand, the bigger the prize!

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